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E 500 W Monroe Lobby

Replacing a high-end tenant is expensive. The projects created for Chicago’s Class A+ commercial office buildings Emailable Coat Rack Full Shotwere, in general, commissioned to enhance properties with beautiful sculptures or works of art as a way to add value to the property as well as a level of prestige that high-end Emailable Planter w Flowers, 1-6-07
tenants appreciate.

Shorenstein Realty managed 500 W Monroe for an owner who decided they wanted to sell the building. This contemporary million square foot building suffered with an enormous yet visually boring lobby consisting solely of bird’s eye maple walls and granite floors.

Lauren Grey’s answer – create an engaging interactive marketing solution that would capture the imaginations of prospective buyers to such a degree that they would see the huge potential in the lobby instead of the tedium.

low res We Hung The Moon copy
Shorenstein commissioned a ‘suite of whimsical sculptures’ from us. Designed from a variety of materials and finishes, the pieces twist and turn and are pure delight. We bought large colorful paintings to accompany the sculptures, creating settings.

Extraordinarily, the week that the last of the sculptures was installed, Shorenstein received the offer that they accepted for the sale. Professional art work created specifically for a site brings with it the magic of adding not only A River Runs Through Itaesthetic value, but monetary value to high quality commercial, public and residential properties.





“Great job, Lauren! Believe it or not, we have a legitimate offer in hand, only three days after you installed the last piece. You called this exactly right. Thank you.” …Jeff Rauen, General Manager  

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