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Commissioning a Sculpture

Commissioning A Custom-Made Work Of Art

When You Or Your Design Professional contact us regarding commissioning custom art for your public space, business or home, the initial appointment is the time to share your vision with us. We will ask about the nature of your venue or space in general and the specific location you have in mind for the commissioned artwork. We would also like to know if you have specific imagery and materials in mind, as well as the size, budget and timeline you want to work with.

If you represent a government entity or business, we will ask about your goals, whether you are looking to optimize your venue’s name, or branding or marketing program; reach out to new visitors, alumni or prospects; honor your customers or expand your business.

If you are an individual contacting us regarding art for your home, we will discuss your lifestyle, family, the climate you reside in and what you would like to accomplish with the creation of this work of art.

Once we understand your needs, and have a sense of what you are looking for, we will present a proposal discussing an initial design fee for concept development. Once you approve a concept, we will present materials, timeline and budget options for your approval. When you make your selection, the final details will be determined.

Then production begins. We will consult with you at various stages of production, depending on the materials and complexity of the artwork. Invoicing is submitted in stages to be determined by materials and timeline.

We will be delighted to speak with you about your needs by phone 858.333.6011 or email Lauren.